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White Wedding Flowers Finnflor

White wedding flowers

A wedding is always the best day of the bridal couple! Beautiful dresses, welcoming guests and of course … flower decorations! Pastels are totally trendy this summer. Nevertheless, most people still pick white flowers for their big day. Which flowers will you buy for your white flower wedding?


Chrysanthemums are easy to combine with other flowers. What about a bridal bouquet with chrysanthemums combined with roses, Orchids and Eucharis? The Chrysanthemum is a strong and sturdy flower perfect to use in your hand-tied bouquet or wired bouquet.

White Wedding Flowers



Did you know the Greeks name Eucharis means “very graceful”? The white flowers have a delightful fragrance and they complete the outfit of the bridal couple. Most Eucharis have five to eight white flowers with a long flowering period.

White Wedding Flowers


Roses … The flower to leave an impression! Especially Avalanche roses are very popular for weddings. You can use roses by themselves in a wedding bouquet or roses can be combined with other flowers. Traditional, but very beautiful!

White Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers


The orchid flowers are perfect for wedding bouquets. These bridal flowers are very recognizable because of the particular shape of the flowers. An Orchid comprises of three petals and three sepals. Luxury, love, strength and beauty … Characteristics of the Orchid that must be present at a wedding.


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Finnflor is a Dutch exporter of (cut) flowers and plants, also for wedding decorations. We manage everything ourselves by keeping the entire distribution process from purchase to delivery in-house. This enables us to ensure high quality products and fast delivery. More information? Contact us.

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