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Allround Verkoper Finnflor

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Voor onze bloemenlijn in Finland zijn wij op zoek naar een allround verkoper. Ben je in het bezit van een groot rijbewijs en code 95? Vind je het niet erg om in het weekend te werken en de andere week drie ochtenden aan het werk te zijn? Dan zoeken we jou!

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Summer Flowers Finnflor

The top three favourite flowers for this Summer

Summer, the ultimate flower season for all your favourite bloomers. It does not matter if you put them in neatly arranged flower pieces or effortless wild flower bouquets for your clients to pick out, we have all sorts available. Do you have your one favourite flower you like to sell, or does that list change regularly according to your customers wishes? It does not matter, we have lots of options in stock. And did you know, different flowers have different meanings? You can make an arrangement with a deeper meaning!

Dahlia – the flower that symbolises dignity and elegance

Oh the Dahlia, with its multiple layers of soft coloured petals in every shade of the rainbow. This beautiful flower beckons your attention and commands you to look at its majestic bloom. Sometimes the petals are soft and round, sometimes they are spikey. This flower is perfect for someone who needs a bit of strength in their lives. In Victorian times this flower was used to symbolize a lasting commitment, so use wisely. This flower will stand tall and proud for some time, so it is a beautiful display in a vase.

Dahlia Finnflor

Chrysanthemum – the flower for friendship and support

This smaller flower is a favourite when it comes to gardens and bouquets. Its name derives from the Greek words for ‘golden’ and ‘flower’ to reflect the beauty and the value of its blossoms. It is a flower which symbolises non romantic affection, so it is perfect for arrangements to celebrate friendship. It is available in a wide variety of colours as well.

Chrysanthemum Finnflor

Freesia – the flower of innocence and trust

Oh the Freesia with its lovely citrusy smell and wonderfully dainty flowers. This flower just brightens up the room with its many colours and variations. It brightens your day just by looking at it! It is a popular flower in wedding arrangements, especially in white, which stands for purity and innocence. It is also a flower that can be given to someone who has performed gracefully under difficult situations.


Arrange your favourites in your bouquet

Knowing the meanings of different flowers can give so much more symbolism and depth to the gift of flowers. It can convey secret messages to those who are willing to receive. This time we have given you the secret meaning some of the popular summer flowers. Next time we will highlight some more popular flowers.


Finnflor is a Dutch exporter of (cut) flowers and plants, also for wedding decorations. We manage everything ourselves by keeping the entire distribution process from purchase to delivery in-house. This enables us to ensure high quality products and fast delivery. More information? Contact us.

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