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May Day Finnflor

May Day or Vappu

In pre-Christian Europe, May Day was an important celebration of Spring triumphing over Winter. The pagan fertility gods were honored to bless the coming season with good crops. With lots of noise and bonfire to drive away evil spirit, summer is welcomed. The darkness makes way for sunlight. In Finland, we celebrate this day with carnival, balloons and champagne, but why not incorporate some flowers there as well?

Flower of Finland

Lily of the valley is not only Finland’s flower, also the symbol of the first of May in other countries such as France. So, what better than to create a beautiful flower arrangement with these fragile beauties? Combine with snow drops and daffodils for the ultimate spring bouquet!

Flower crown

Celebrate May Day with a flower crown! With some ribbon, green florist tape and your favorite flowers, you can create something amazingly beautiful in no time. It doesn’t need to be neat and arranged, go for the bohemian feel! Let your creativity flow and see what comes up! Oh, and this will make some crazy beautiful Instagram shots so make sure to capture this moment!

What are your favorite colors for Spring to make bouquets and arrangements? Purple and orange? Blue and Pink? Or an explosion of multicolor? Let us know!

Easter Flowers Plants

Hello Easter!

Virvon, varvon, tuoreeks terveeks, tulevaks vuodeks; vitsa sulle, palkka mulle!

Are your willow twigs ready for Easter and the little witches to come and bless your home? Spring is long awaited after the long and dark winter, so Easter should be celebrated abundantly and with all the Finnish traditions! So, get your grass seeds and birch twigs ready! Easter is just around the corner!

Spring flowers

But what other flowers bring the spirit of spring? Well, all the spring flowers of course! Hyacinths, daffodils, and of course the Babylon willow. Or what about the cute little fritillaries? And what is a better time or occasion than Easter to put flowers aplenty on your table! Amazing!

Plants everywhere

And not just in a vase! You can put flowers on the menu’s, next to the cutlery, in empty eggshells and of course, on your food, but be careful not to put poisonous ones on there. You can also wrap moss around eggs to create an interesting decoration. Just attach with wire and maybe add some small flowers, like snowdrops?

Easter eggs

And we shall not forget the Easter eggs! You can paint them in different colors with boring old paint, but you can also adorn them with flowers and flowers petals. This gives a very interesting and pretty look. Put glue on the side of the egg where you want to put the flowers and stick the flower there. Once the flower is secured, use a brush to glue a little but more so it sticks even better. Just make sure the glue you use dries up clear. What flowers should you use? How about alliums, daffodils, ferns and veronas? Or pansies? Use our imagination!

Ready set go, let there be light and springtime!

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