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Strong Flowers

Strong flowers for the strong woman in our life

Isn’t it nice to not just celebrate mothers in our life, but every strong woman around us? All those neighbors, friends, babysitters, shop attendants, assistants and many more. Why not celebrate each and every one of them and surprise them with a symbolical bouquet made out of these amazing flowers.


This flower was used in ancient Roman times to celebrate the victorious gladiators (hence the name) and is thus a symbol of strength and perseverance. Another name of this flower is sword lily, which is quite a good name given its shape. It comes from the iris family. In a bouquet, it will draw attention because of its height.


This flower may look fragile, but don’t let appearances fool you! This is a desert flower, which blooms in the most desolate of areas. Something that can flower in the desert, that must be a strong flower! Some people may also know this flower as Eustoma, but this is not the common name anymore. The Lisianthus comes in many many colors, ranging from pink to purple to white and even mixtures of colors! Look into the heart of this beauty and fall in love!


This flower is the symbol of all flowers, because this is what you drew when you were little right? Everyone knows this lovely simple and bright flower, and it reminds us to be happy and bright. So, recreate one of these old drawings and give it to mum with a bouquet of rainbow-colored gerberas! She will love it!


This flower is a symbol of health and luck, everything you wish for the strong ladies in our life. And this flower has a long life in a vase with fresh water. Its colors and many petals attract the eye immediately. In an arrangement, this flower will bring balance and color.


Asters are symbol of a good and healthy old age, so this flower is especially suitable for all the wonderful grandmothers out there. These understated beauties have amazing flowers usually in a purple to lavender shade. It looks like you just picked it in a forest, so this flower gives a nice wild twist to any bouquet!

What is your choice? How do you create your bouquets for this time of the year? Let us know on Facebook!

A day to celebrate all mothers

Mother’s Day is an important holiday all over the world. Even though it is celebrated on different dates in different parts of this globe, the celebration is similar: Mums from every country get special attention on this day. And what better way to show them you love them, then to shower them with flowers? Mother’s Day is the ultimate flower holiday, so make sure you are prepared!

Bouquets, arrangements and what else?

Flower tea, dried flowers, flower cakes, flower cocktails, you name it! There isn’t a thing in thing in this world where you can’t put flowers on (well, technically speaking of course). So, start your 24-hour flower parade with flower-tea and flower muffins for breakfast. Then maybe visit a park and go for a stroll in the meadows. Then it’s off to lunch and maybe a visit to the garden center to look at some beautiful flowers. And after lunch visit your shop and arrange some flowers, while sipping wine or a nice flowery cocktail?

Flowers for mother

What are the best flowers to give mother-dearest? How about some roses, white or yellow, combined with hydrangeas and peonies? The ultimate bouquet for mothers! Favorite flowers are always a good bet; you know people will love them! Find out the story behind favorite flowers and you are sure to make a connection with people. Give people a bouquet with their favorite flower and they will feel more loved and special.

Flag day

And of course, prepare your flags and adorn them with beautiful blue and white flowers such as lily of the valley and delphinium.

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