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Cut Flower Trends Finnflor

Cut flower trends for this fall, what is hot?

With summer drawing to its end, it is time for us to check in upon the floral trends of this autumn. How will you create perfect arrangements and luscious bouquets for when the days get shorter again and we go back inside where the only brightness comes from perfectly arranged flowers?

Wild and free

Loose, big and whimsical are still keywords for this year. They have been around for a few years now and we just can’t get enough! People want to give the impression that they just walked through the garden before putting the flowers in a vase. This trend goes well with a lot of other interior trends too! Homely, cosy and handmade!


There is however a shift to a different kind of look. We are going from minimal, to a more abundant look. Chique, dense and overflowing bouquets are reminiscent of royal weddings and fairy tales. In autumn, this look is best pulled off with flowers that are in season and that you can buy in bulk.

Bye bye vase!

Flowers for autumn will be less arranged and more natural. And why not create this look by leaving the vase behind? Why not arrange your flowers in a flower bed kind of way? Down to earth, literally and figuratively! Or you can arrange flowers in the middle of the table, in unused corners of the house or on shelves. Go wild!


Whereas the bridal bouquets go for different and more difficult shades and a mixture of shades interior floral design sees a rise of demand for singular hues. Bouquets of flowers in one shade are popular for autumn. Pick one palette and arrange blooms of the same colour to create an architectonic design.

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Hydrangeas for life

Bold, bright and beautiful, hydrangeas are amazing flowers to celebrate summer. They are big, sturdy and sure to leave an impression. The flowers can reach up to 25 centimetres in width, and the many petals have amazing colours. Some flowers are even multi-coloured!

Colours and shapes

In the beginning of the year, you will mainly find the bright colours, like sky-blue and magenta or even the newer variety which is bright apple green. Later in the year, towards the autumn, more subdued colours begin to appear; reddish, brownish and green. These hydrangeas are perfect for drying. The petals come in many different shapes and sizes too. There are hydrangeas with small flowers, or big flowers, round petals and pointy petals. How can you choose from all these beauties?

Symbolism of the Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are symbols of thankfulness, grace and beauty. They also stand for wealth with their abundance of little flowers in sphere shapes. The colours are colours of love and peace, perfect for weddings!

The name

Hydrangea gets its name from a combination of hydra, which means water and angea, which means jar. The shape should make you think of an ancient water jar, apparently? It was first brought to Europe by the VOC and it has Asian and South American roots. We can’t get enough of this perfect flower, that is for sure!

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