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Flowers to use for the perfect autumn bouquet

For autumn the bouquets are getting bigger and better. Large flowers in beautiful dark colours are really appropriate to use in the perfect autumn bouquet. Anything from a calla lily to physalis, gerbera and even chrysanthemum.

Calla lily

This beautiful formed flower is used in a lot of luxury bouquets or as a corsage for a festive occasion. The calla lily is available in so many different colours, that’s one of the reasons why it’s a great flower to use in an autumn bouquet. From dark red to purple but also yellow. These are some popular autumnal colours and easy to pair with other flowers. The calla lily is known as a flower of purity and sympathy, but also as a lucky flower. Adding a little bit of luck to an autumnal bouquet is always a good idea.


Bring a little bit of summer to an autumn bouquet with gerberas. The gerbera has a sunny appearance because of the single and double flowered, pom-pom and spider shapes. The gerbera is available in almost every colour of the rainbow but for an autumn bouquet dark red and burned orange gerberas can’t be missed.


Many people don’t know that this is actually a flower, but say hallo to the cutest lantern flowers, known as physalis. Adding these to any bouquet gives it just that much extra and something special. Besides that, the colour of the little lanterns matches the autumn colour scheme perfectly.


A flower known for its warmth and colour is the chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum is originally yellow but now the flower comes in a wide range of colours. For autumn warm toned flowers are a must since they bring warmth to any room or space. For example, bronze, warm gold or deep orange toned chrysanthemum. The flowers of the chrysanthemum are branched on the stem and give a lot big impact to the look of the bouquet.

Autumnal flowers in your flowershop

Have you already seen our new autumn flower collection? After adding a couple of autumn appropriate flowers, we are completely ready for this new season. Order flowers for your flowershop in our webshop. If you have any question or in need of advice, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

Flower Of The Month Rose

Flower of the month: Rose

There is one special flower that almost everybody loves. Meet the Queen of the Flowers: the rose. The majestic rose owes this title to its global popularity as the prettiest girl in the class. A flower of which all the different colours have their own special meaning. So wherever and whoever you are, there’s always a suitable rose for you.

Colours and shapes

Red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. Bicoloured or multi-coloured. Large, small, short stem, long stem. When you’re bursting with romance, you soon have a real first world problem, since there are so many roses to choose from. Besides that, every year dozens of new varieties are added to the variety of roses. On some, the rose’s heart is even green. This ‘grass heart’ is actually the base growing through the flower. A very unique type of rose if you ask us!

Symbolism of the rose

The heart-shaped petals represent love and trust. The thorns of the rose indicate that love is not all about roses. Red roses in particular are inextricably linked to love, but did you know that every colour has its own meaning?

  • Red: love and respect.
  • White: true love, purity, dignity, chastity.
  • Pink: happiness, gratitude, virtue.
  • Orange: longing, appreciation, sympathy.
  • Yellow: intimate friendship, solidarity.

Different combinations of coloured roses and combinations with other flowers also have a meaning. For example, a white and pink rose combined express the wish to always be together. Roses in a bouquet symbolise gratitude, and a single rose in a large bouquet says, “you’re the person I love and you’re the one for me!”


The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians discovered the beauty of the romantic rose many thousand years ago. We had to wait until the 16th century for the rose to actually come to us. Luckily it was worth waiting for!

All types of roses from Finnflor

Our webshop is filled with different types of roses, from red to white, pink or even orange. Roses are a stable to have in your flowershop and are easy to use in any bouquet. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us.

Source: Funny How Flowers Do That

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