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Summer Flowers Bouquet

How to create the ultimate summer bouquet

Bring on summer! So many colours and different types of flowers combined together are really on-trend this season. That’s why we, at Finnflor, have selected the five summer flowers you need to use in a summer bouquet: gladiolus, iris, allium, delphinium and sunflower.

  • Gladiolus: The gladiolus can certainly be considered splendid and enrapturing. This hero likes to rise high and show off all its colours, from late spring until well into the autumn. The gladiolus is distinctive because the flowers bloom on both sides of the stem: a double treat! The flowers come in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, cream or multiple colours per flower.
  • Iris: The iris has something mysterious. It has colours in its colour palette which other flowers don’t have. And something magical. It is named after the rainbow goddess. The iris is especially known for its many beautiful shades of blue, a colour that one doesn’t often see in cut flowers. Irises also come in many other colours including white, yellow and purple. And there are also all kinds of bi-coloured irises. The flower has three flower petals, which open completely so you can see deep into the heart of the flower.
  • Allium: The long, elegant stem bears a stylish globe of tiny flowers. Some varieties are somewhat modest, whilst others make a bold statement in any bouquet, in colours ranging from white to purple and blue. There are 300 different varieties, and almost all of them bloom in the summertime.
  • Delphinium: Delphinium is the blooming cousin of the ranunculus, which provides weeks of airy delight. There are an amazing 450 different varieties available in an incredible range of blues, as well as other colours. Pale blue, bright blue, dark blue and lilac. The delphinium always offers a shade of blue you’ll like. The floral spikes tower over everything enthusiastically. They look like poles with bells that start tinkling as you pass.
  • Sunflower: What if you could crown just one flower queen of the summer flowers? You’d definitely choose the majestic sunflower! Did you know that in nature the flower turns with the sun during the day? She doesn’t want to miss a single ray and at night the flower turns back towards the east. We call this phenomenon heliotropism. Besides that, the sunflower symbolises the sun and love. Perfect for summer, right?!

Flowers for summer from Finnflor

We’ve added tons of new summer flowers to our webshop. In total we have over 500 different types of flowers and plants available at all times. When you log into our webshop, you are able to order the flowers you want for your flower shop. Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us! We will gladly help you.


Midsummer Flowers

Midsummer is almost here… So, let’s celebrate with flowers!

In Finland, around the time of Summer Solstice, Finns swarm to the countryside with friends and family to start the annual Midsummer celebration. Bonfires (traditionally lit to ward off evil spirits and promise healthy crops) and sauna are two of the most typical traditions in Finnish Midsummer celebrations, but now barbecuing, fishing, boating and partying have become standard Midsummer pastimes. What is something that’s a “must” during Midsummer? Flowers of course!

The Midsummer celebration

At the end of June, particularly in the northern part of Finland, the sun stays visible in the sky throughout the entire night. The Midnight Sun is a key element in the festivities in the northern parts of Finland, but the sky stays light throughout the whole country at this time of year. In times gone by, Midsummer meant the casting of spells with hopes of fertility, love and finding a spouse. In Finnish folklore, there is a tale that a young woman collected seven flowers under her pillow on Midsummer night, resulting in her future fiancé showing up in her dreams.

Midsummer flower crown DIY

Want to have something unique in your flower shop around Midsummer? Try and make a beautiful flower crown!

What you need: Floral wire, floral tape (green is best), wire cutters, greenery / foliage and flowers of your choice.

How to: First take a piece of floral wire and mould it into a circle. Put it on top of your head to test for size. You’ll want it to be quite loose fitting. With some green floral tape, close the circle firmly shut and wrap around the entire circle to form a cover. Then it’s time for the fun bit – choosing your foliage and flowers. A layer of green foliage is a good base to start with – don’t go too heavy at this stage – there’s lots more fun stuff to add. Once you have gathered what you’d like, tape it to the crown with the green floral tape. Now for the colour, the flowers! It’s good to make sure the flower stems are at least 3 inches long as you’ll need to tape the stems to the crown. Wrap as much as you like to make them secure and after adding all of the flowers, the flower crown is finished!

The perfect Midsummer flowers from Finnflor

This DIY is a great and very unique way to actually use the flowers for Midsummer, besides in a bouquet. Are you still looking for flowers to sell around Midsummer? Don’t worry! Order your flowers now in our webshop and we will deliver them freshly to your flower shop.

Source: Little’s

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