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Flower Of The Month: Alstroemeria

Flower of the month: Alstroemeria

There are so many different flowers. So, every month there’s one flower that gets put in the spotlight. For the month of May that flower is alstroemeria. This colourful, bright and happy flower is getting more popular and we know why! Curious about the alstroemeria? At Finnflor we have listed some interesting facts about this flower that are also fun to tell your customers when they buy a bouquet with this flower.

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Hay Fever Bouquet

Hay fever safe bouquet? Yes please!

During spring and summer many people suffer from hay fever. Constant sneezing, watery and itchy eyes… In the spring, flowers burst wide open and nature puts on a beautiful display of colour. For hay fever sufferers, it’s bittersweet, as blossom heralds the start of months of sniffing. With the hazards of hay fever in mind, here’s a special bouquet for everyone allergic to pollen, with flowers that shouldn’t irritate the sinuses.

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