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A winter wedding with white and colourful flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers

What’s a must at weddings? Besides the couple getting married and the guests, flowers of course! Not only for the decor of the wedding, but also in the bridal bouquet. With the right flowers you are able to create the perfect elegant, wedding look. At Finnflor we have listed a few of our favourites for this winter wedding season. From winter whites to beautiful winter colours.

Winter wedding whites

A traditional and also very lovely pick for wedding flowers are the winter whites. White weddings have always ruled in winter and will continue to still do that. Some of our favourite winter whites picks are:

  • Rose: A very popular pick for weddings is of course the rose. Roses are available in many different colours and also in white. The white rose stands for true love, which fits a wedding perfectly.
  • Lily: Lilies have this beautiful contemporary, natural look. As white they are eye-catchingly beautiful in a bouquet. Besides that, they have different symbolic meanings, such as: femininity, love, purity and transience.
  • Gardenia: A distinctive white flower as gardenia might not come to mind immediately, but we love this flower for a winter wedding. Its shape is lovely, but it also has a beautiful scent, which is frequently used by perfumers.

Winter wedding colours

Want to be a little bold and for the flowers to really create a certain atmosphere at the wedding? Go for brighter colours, like red, pink and purple:

  • Amaryllis: A flower that brings warmth and colour to dark winter days, that’s the amaryllis. It’s a large flower that comes in white, red, yellow, pink and orange for example. The petals of the amaryllis appear to be made of velvet. The ‘heart’ of the amaryllis always stands out, which is perfect for a wedding.
  • Ranunculus: The ranunculus brings immediate spring vibes with it. This flower is a little more extravagant, but subtle at the same time. It comes in various colours, such as yellow, orange, red and purple. Since the petals open one by one, you can slowly look deep into its heart.
  • Tulip: Tulip season is upon us, so a tulip could also be part of a winter wedding. Tulips are very cheerful and therefor perfect to use while celebrating love.

In need of flowers for an event or winter wedding?

Please contact us for more information or order the flowers in our webshop. When ordering flowers in our webshop, we will deliver the fresh flowers directly from the auction to your doorstep in Finland. Easy & quick service from Finnflor!

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