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The Alstroemeria or Inca lily is a perfect flower for February. In this month where we have a special day to celebrate love in all its forms, this ‘friendship’ flower is what we need! In the store this flower may come across as a little bit shy, but once she is home, she will show her true beauty. And the colours, amazing! Red, purple, pink, orange, white and yellow, you name it and this beauty has it.


The Alstroemeria is the perfect gift to celebrate friendship, because the six petals stand for the good character traits we look for in friendship. Humour, compassion, patience, empathy, spirit and respect.

Go high

Because these flowers are so high and bloom a lot at the top, you can create amazing layered bouquets. Why not create very distinct layers with these flowers on top and some roses around the stems? You need some wire and a high sturdy vase, and there you go. In the end this will look.

How to care for Alstroemeria

As you normally do with flowers, cut the stems a bit diagonally and remove the lower leaves as to not cover them in water. Use a clean vase and clean water, and don’t put the vase in direct sunlight. Top up with new water regularly, and you are sure to enjoy these colourful gems for a long time!

Find your friends

As these flowers symbolize friendship, they shouldn’t be alone in a flower arrangement. Put them together with for instance tulips (also a flower readily available this period) or real lilies for an explosion of colour and stripes.

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