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Amaryllis, the queen of flowers


Are you in desperate need of a pop of colour this winter? Or maybe you need an interesting flower that can hold its own in an arrangement? Look no further because the Amaryllis is here, and it is the typical flower for December.

Bulbs and baubles

Although this flower maybe a bit to heavy for your tree, the shape of the bulb reminds us of Christmas baubles. This flower grows out of a giant bulb and can very well survive on its own in a beautiful vase without water. The petals are beautiful and velvet-like and come in many different colours like white, red, pink, purple and orange. Dubbed ‘the naked lady’ in the US, this flower does not have any leaves, just a giant smooth stem. There are more than 150 different species of amaryllis, so you have enough to choose from. The also have different shaped petals, from round to narrow. Experiment with the amazing and versatile flower!


The amaryllis is symbol of rare beauty. Because they are so large and tower over the other flowers, they are sometimes the symbol of pride. In Victorian times they were the symbol for proud and beautiful ladies. They seem to say: if you got it, flaunt it!

Centrepiece of attention

To not draw away too much attention away from the Christmas tree, it is wise to keep the use of flowers to a minimum and just go for one amazing flower, like the amaryllis. It might sound a bit crazy, but the amaryllis is a flower that does very well, upside down! Because the stems are wide and hollow, you can fill the stem with water and they become their own vase. Why not create a beautiful centrepiece with upside down amaryllises attached to a branch?


Just be a little bit careful with these babies, because the flowers and bulbs are poisonous to people and humans, keep them away from curious paws!

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