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Birth flowers are real, find out yours!

Birthdays, not only are they fun because you get presents, they are also very fun, because there are all manner of fun games to play to find out more about your personality. And birth flowers are a thing! So, let’s find out yours!

January – Carnation and Snowdrop

Carnations symbolise pure love and good luck, and snowdrops symbolise rebirth and purity. Both very fitting meanings for the first cold month of the year. Can you relate?

February – Primrose and Violet

In the Victorian era, primrose blossoms were thought to symbolize young love, bashfulness, and the feeling of not being able to live without someone. How romantic! Violets, on the other hand, represent innocence. Are you innocent enough to not be able to live with someone you love?

March – Daffodil

Herald of spring, this yellow beauty symbolises creativity and vitality. Are you creative and born in March?

April – Daisy and Sweet Pea

Daisies symbolise youth and innocence and Sweet peas stand for blissful pleasure. Which one are you?

May – Lily of the valley

Finland’s national flower is also the flower for May. Humble and happy, these flowers bloom abundantly. Will you give this to your best friend born in May?

June – Rose

Different colours have different meanings for Roses. Red roses signify love, while orange roses signify desire. Which one feels best for your personality?

July – Larkspur and water lily

Although waterlilies don’t do well in a vase, larkspurs are gorgeous and can communicate intense romantic feelings.

August – Gladiolus and Poppy

Sweet red poppies are known as the symbol of sleep and death, but also peace. Gladiolus are a symbol for strength and integrity. In ancient times, they were considered magical!

September – Aster and Morning Glory

Patient love and love in vain, two opposing meanings for the two birth flowers of September. But they will make an interesting arrangement!

October – Marigolds

A fitting flower for the season in bright orange, yellow and red. They mean undying love and thinking of you. Sometimes they symbolise grief and are used in Mexican funeral rituals.

November – Chrysanthemum

These cute little flowers symbolise cheer and friendship, so you are probably a great pal if you are born in November. Right?

December – Holly

A very fitting flower for the winter season. They show a desire for a happy home. Are you a home body?

Ideas and arrangements

What birth flower arrangement will you give your family and loved ones? Contact us for ideas and arrangements!

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