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Bloemcorso in The Netherlands

Bloemcorso In The Netherlands

Another famous Dutch flower festival, next to the Keukenhof, is the Bloemencorso, or Dutch Flower Parade. This event, which takes place on the 20th and the 21st of April is something you must see! The beauty, the colours and the amazing work put in the floats is something you cannot miss. It is sure to give you a lot of inspiration.

Theme of 2018

This year’s theme is Culture, and all the floats in the parade are designed around this theme. Different organisations of the region take part in this yearly event. The planning and designing is something that starts straight after the parade of last year. A lot of hard work and dedication goes in to this event. And the results are truly breath-taking, something you have never seen before in your entire life!

Friday afternoon and evening

On Friday afternoon and in the evening, you can have a look at the flowerparade in the city centre of Noordwijkerhout. In the evening, the lights are turned on, and the parade will ride through the city centre putting on an amazing display! The contrast between dark and light and colour is really nice!

Saturday: the official day of the parade

Saturday is the official day of the parade. The floats take a route that takes them through the scenic ‘Bollenstreek’ where thousands of people come to admire the colourful beauty of the flowers. The route starts at 9.30 in Noordwijk, and ends at 21.30 in Haarlem, where the lights are turned on again, and the spectacle of colours gets another dimension.


On Sunday, you can have a look when the floats are parked in Haarlem and Noordwijk. This gives you an opportunity to look at all the details of these splendid floats up close.

We hope to see you at this amazing spectacle in The Netherlands! Maybe we can introduce something similar in Finland?

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