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Bring on spring: typical spring flowers

Bring On Spring: Typical Spring Flowers

Spring is nature’s way for saying, “Let’s party!”. At Finnflor we are so excited spring is finally here. Spring means new and beautiful coloured flowers everywhere. To get your flower shop ready for spring season, we have selected a couple of our favourite typical spring flowers.

Flowers that you will see a lot during spring are…

narcissus. Bright yellow is the best-known narcissus colour but there are also beautiful combinations, like white and salmon pink. And did you know the narcissus has different appearances? With or without leaves, with large and smaller trumpets, strongly perfumed and non-perfumed. One thing they have in common; they all celebrate spring in an exuberant way.

hyacinth. If you can smell hyacinths, you know it is spring! Their perfume and fresh colours will drive winter out immediately. The hyacinth is available in white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green or multi-coloured.

peonies. This fabulous bloomer is always full of the joys of spring. So, if you’re longing for the warmth of the sun, a peony is a good start! Anyone who falls for the charms of the peony is in luck: there are more than 1000 varieties available in all sorts of shapes and colours. Peonies are available with a single row of petals, or with semi-double or double flowers. There’s also a large variety in terms of the colour: the cheerful peony comes in pale yellow, romantic white, candy pink or dark red. And the fragrance of peonies is particularly appealing and beautifully sweet!

tulips. Tulips really scream spring. They come in a wide range of colours. From white, red, yellow, pink and purple to orange, green or with multi-coloured petals. The shape of the tulip is very interesting to look at. You can find them with a single or double row of petals, whilst there are also eye-catching fringed and parrot tulips with serrated petals, and there’s the playful lily-flowered tulip. Peony tulips look like peonies, and French tulips are exceptionally tall and have very large flowers.

The ultimate spring flowers from Finnflor

Is your flower shop in need of some spring flowers? Are you looking forward to creating a beautiful bouquet filled with spring flowers? In our webshop we have a wide range of different spring flowers ready to be delivered. We order what you buy. Want to know more or you do have any questions? Please contact us.



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