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Bring on this year’s wedding season!

Wedding Season Flowers

What would a wedding be without fresh flowers? Flowers add that special touch to a wedding and are therefore a ‘must’. May and June are the most popular months to get married so the wedding season has definitely started! With a new wedding season come new wedding trends. We have selected some of our favourites and give some tips you can also give to the customers in your flower shop.

Nude and pastel wedding flowers

With couples throwing wedding traditions out the door, pale pink, blush and taupe flowers are increasingly replacing classic white blooms as a bride’s wedding flower of choice. Fragrant garden roses, stocks and sweet peas (in whimsical and rustic shades) are some of the most popular summer blooms set to appear in a big way this wedding season.

Dramatic floral instalments

Floral instalments have always been popular, but the unforgettable floral arch at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has definitely influenced the trends for this wedding season. Whether it’s an extravagant arch, a floral chandelier or hanging flower hoops – these are some of the things sure to add real wow-factor to many weddings.

Flower crowns

There’s a trend for boho brides choosing big, bright, bold flower crowns or woodland-themed foliage crowns in place of the traditional tiara. Beautiful flower halos can be crafted to suit every style of wedding, from simple and sophisticated to quirky and chic and match with the wedding flowers.


Not only flowers but also plants keep getting an opportunity to star in weddings, especially this wedding season. Succulents can be incorporated in a wedding in many different ways, for example in an arrangement on the tables, as a wedding gift for the guests and even in the wedding bouquet. It will look unique and succulents are also easy to take care of.

Top 5 popular wedding flowers

  • Ranunculus: Ideal for the spring, summer or fall wedding, the cheerful ranunculus varies in colour and size. Whether you go for a pop of pink, a sunset orange or deep red the ranunculus has closely formed petals and make a striking display. Ranunculus look stunning paired with anything, from roses to succulents, so there’s a range of options from rustic to elegant.
  • Peony: The lush and fragrant peony provides a romantic look. With big delicate blossoming petals, peonies work great paired in a bouquet with other cream coloured flowers and eucalyptus. Peonies are traditionally pink, white or red, but you can also find them in shades of coral, mahogany and yellow.
  • Hydrangea: Because of the hydrangea’s voluminous, full blooms you can use one or two sparingly as part of your bouquet or turn just a few into a centrepiece. Their shape resembles a beating heart, so they symbolize perseverance and emotion. The hydrangea exudes femininity and elegance in pale pink or white.
  • Gardenia: Native to Southern Asia and Japan, gardenias represents elegance and grace. Gardenias have no stem, so one looks beautiful floating in a bowl of water with candles, pinned to hair or even on the reception dinner table for a touch of elegance.
  • Daisy: One of the most recognized flowers, the daisy, is in season year around. White and yellow are a common colour palette to use with daisies, but they work well with just about anything.

Wedding flowers from Finnflor

And? Have you already made a list of tips you can give to your customers? If your flower shop is in need of some new trendy flowers for this wedding season, take a look at our webshop. We have a large selection of different flowers, also for the wedding season. Do you have questions, or do you want more information? Contact us!

Source: Wedding ideas & Shutterfly

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