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Flowers That Make Us Smile

Flowers that make us smile

When gifting someone a bouquet of flowers, what happens is that the person smiles very big. So, we’ve always suspected it was the case, but now it’s been scientifically proven: flowers create positive emotions. They literally bring a smile to your face. Here’s exactly how it works!

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Summer Bouquets

Flower inspiration: bouquets for summer

Summer is upon us and we, at Finnflor, are always very exciting when a new season is coming up! This means new, colourful flowers to buy for our customers and learn more about the trends for that specific season. For summer we have listed three types of bouquets that are perfect to create. From white flowers to bright colours and meaningful flowers.

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Flower Of The Month: Alstroemeria

Flower of the month: Alstroemeria

There are so many different flowers. So, every month there’s one flower that gets put in the spotlight. For the month of May that flower is alstroemeria. This colourful, bright and happy flower is getting more popular and we know why! Curious about the alstroemeria? At Finnflor we have listed some interesting facts about this flower that are also fun to tell your customers when they buy a bouquet with this flower.

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Hay Fever Bouquet

Hay fever safe bouquet? Yes please!

During spring and summer many people suffer from hay fever. Constant sneezing, watery and itchy eyes… In the spring, flowers burst wide open and nature puts on a beautiful display of colour. For hay fever sufferers, it’s bittersweet, as blossom heralds the start of months of sniffing. With the hazards of hay fever in mind, here’s a special bouquet for everyone allergic to pollen, with flowers that shouldn’t irritate the sinuses.

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Spring Flowers

Classic spring flowers for a bouquet

Every season brings its own smells, flavours, activities and flowers. Tulips and daffodils are quintessential spring flowers — some might even call them the classics of spring. There are others, however, that are just as well known by sight and smell, if not by name. Here’s a list of the best classic spring flowers to use for a beautiful spring bouquet!

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Let Hope Bloom!

Let hope bloom!

Flowers always have a message and are full of powerful symbolism. From love to friendship, gratitude support and… hope! Especially during these crazy times, hope is something we can all use. So, let’s let hope bloom!

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Springtime DIY Wreath

Springtime DIY: Flower wreath

Springtime brings out the creative side in everyone. All the bright colours and different structures of flowers definitely inspire everyone. At Finnflor we love to share creative ideas for you to use in your flower shop. Since spring is upon us, here’s a springtime ‘do it yourself’: a flower wreath!

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Easter Flowers

Celebrate Easter with flowers

The lambs are playing in the fields, the birds are chirping from the hedgerows, and the chocolate eggs filling the window of your local bakery or delicatessen can mean only one thing: Easter is upon us. Easter is a holiday where you mostly would think about eggs. But at Finnflor we mostly think about flowers! So, for this holiday we have selected some flower ideas and flowers that are a ‘must’ for Easter.

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Flower of the month: Chrysanthemum

A colourful flower that gives warmth and happiness to any bouquet? That sounds like the perfect flower, doesn’t it? Well, almost everyone is familiar with this flower. Of course, we are talking about chrysanthemum! That’s why we, at Finnflor, have listed some interesting facts & figures about the chrysanthemum.

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Flower Trends 2020

Flower trends for 2020

Every year brings new trends with it. We are very excited to share the flower trends for 2020! Flower Council of Holland has worked with a trendwatcher and in collaboration with the trendwatcher some new flower trends have been named: Blended Cultures, Street Savage and Inner Retreat.

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