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Christmas Arrangement

Flowers for a sparkling Christmas arrangement

For Christmas it’s not only about decorating the Christmas tree. To create a festive look for an event or your flower shop, the use of flowers will get you a long way. There are a couple of flowers that will represent the Christmas feeling perfectly: amaryllis, ilex, rose, eucalyptus & leucadendron.

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Poinsettia Christmas Star

Flower of the month: Poinsettia (Christmas star)

The classic red Christmas star is very well-known, but besides the classic red colours trending in December 2019 are also the modern pastel colours such as salmon, pink, lemon and apricot. These colours create an instant atmosphere for the holidays and beyond. We, at Finnflor, have gathered some more information about the Christmas star and some tips, which you can give to your customers!

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Festive Flowers

Get into a festive mood with flowers

November is almost over… So, bring on December and the Christmas season! Lights everywhere, the smell of fresh Christmas trees and sparkles of course. Want to make the Christmas season even more festive? Incorporate flowers! How? Finnflor gives some festive tips!

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Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

Thanksgiving flower arrangements

On November 28, 2019 it’s Thanksgiving! More and more other countries are also starting to celebrate this holiday. But what is Thanksgiving? And how to decorate with flowers for Thanksgiving? We, at Finnflor, have all the details of Thanksgiving for you (and also some flower decor inspiration).

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Autumn Flower Trends

The flower trends for autumn

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Leaves are starting to change colour and autumn is really here! Like every season, for autumn there are a couple popular flowers and trends. We, at Finnflor, have listed a few of our favourites!

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Halloween Flowers

Flower inspiration: Halloween

Could beautiful flowers ever be scary? Well, probably not. But what they can do is add a colourful freshness to a Halloween display in any home or at any event. Whether it’s a pumpkin filled with flowers and plants or make the most of Halloween colours, there’s sure to be an arrangement to capture the essence of October 31st, Halloween!

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World Heart Day

World Heart Day: Flowers with a beautiful ‘heart’

On 29 September 2019 it’s World Heart Day. World Heart Day is organized yearly by the World Heart Foundation. On World Heart Day they want to create awareness with this campaign for heart health. World Heart Foundation: “This year on World Heart Day, as part of our mission to ensure heart health equity for all, we want to create a global community of Heart Heroes … people from all walks of life who are acting now to live longer, better, heart-healthy lives by making different promises.” Raise awareness in your flower shop for World Heart Day with our selection of flowers with a beautiful ‘heart’: calla, anthurium, dahlia, protea and campanula.

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Event Flowers

The perfect flowers for different events

Every event needs decoration to set the vibe of the event. One of those decorations are flowers. Flowers can be used in so many different ways. In a flower wall, in bouquets, in table arrangements and many other different ways. For three social events we have made a list of the perfect flowers to use and why: for weddings, a product launch or a birthday.

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Floriography: Flowers speak louder than words!

Did you know flowers speak a language of their own? Yes, they do! It’s called floriography. From affection to sympathy, jealousy to the most intense feelings of desire, you can say it all with flowers. Curious about floriography? We, at Finnflor, will explain everything and also have selected some popular flowers and their very own floriography.

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Flower of the month: Hydrangea

Say hello to the hydrangea, a flower that fits any occasion. Festive or a moment of sadness. Its sturdy flower features dozens of papery petals that take on various colours over the course of the year. So, it likes to change with the season. With the beautiful hydrangea you are able to have a piece of summer all year long.

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