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Celebrate Easter with flowers

Easter Flowers

The lambs are playing in the fields, the birds are chirping from the hedgerows, and the chocolate eggs filling the window of your local bakery or delicatessen can mean only one thing: Easter is upon us. Easter is a holiday where you mostly would think about eggs. But at Finnflor we mostly think about flowers! So, for this holiday we have selected some flower ideas and flowers that are a ‘must’ for Easter.

Celebrate Easter at the table

When it comes to Easter, a breakfast or brunch around a cheerful spring table is a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Inspire the customers in your flower shop by creating your own Easter breakfast or brunch table! Dig out your soft linen tablecloths and pretty porcelain plates, and pair them with golden cutlery and wooden serving dishes.

Flowers are the finishing touch

To dress the table, go crazy with flowers. For example: A creative Easter table centrepiece made from a slice of tree trunk and adorned with fragrant spring flowers provide an eye-catching, natural statement. These statement pieces are very easy to make and look fabulous as a decoration on your Easter table.

Flowers for Easter:

  • Lilies: A white lily is considered a very traditional Easter flower, and they are extremely popular. The lily represents hope and love. In religious groups, it signifies divinity and purity. Giving a white lily indicates that you are glad to know the recipient.
  • Daffodils: The daffodil is one of the first signs of spring. Daffodils can have a romantic connotation or simply show that you have a great deal of respect for the recipient. The larger the grouping of daffodils you give, the higher your regard for the recipient. In Germany, daffodils are known as Easter bells.
  • Tulips: Tulips are another early sign of spring and the rebirth of the season after winter. They are often given to indicate feeling of love.

Easter inspiration in your flower shop

Are you ready for spring and Easter? Our webshop definitely is! In our webshop you’ll find so many different kinds of flowers, perfect for the upcoming holidays. Buy flowers for your flower shop in our webshop. We will deliver the fresh flowers directly to your flower shop in Finland. Questions? Feel free to contact us!



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