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Celebrate the summer with these tropical flowers

Celebrate The Summer With These Tropical Flowers

Oh yes! Summer has officially arrived. We’re swapping shoes for sandals, pale faces for sunkissed cheeks and grey clouds for radiant sunshine. That heat-powered transformation doesn’t just apply to you – it also shows up in a bouquet. At Finnflor we have really enjoyed the classic spring bloomers, but now it’s time for them to make way for some of our summer favourites: lathyrus, scabiosa, delphinium, cornflower and marigold flower.

Classic summer flowers & new favourites

What’s so great about the change of season is that there is also a floral handover. Fragile, cautious spring bloomers make way for amazing exotics to steal the show. Classic summer flowers like sunflower, gladiolus and allium have long been a familiar presence during the hotter months of the year. But obviously summer brings many more tropical favourites.

Tropical flowers for this summer:

  • Lathyrus: Lathyrus, also known as Sweet Pea, is a genus of about 150 species in the family Fabaceae, mostly native to the Mediterranean region. The flowers of the plant are unique and consist of usually 5 petals – one large banner petal, two horizontal petals and two lower petals, forming a butterfly-shaped structure.
  • Scabiosa: This cheerful meadow flower was given this name because the Romans used it to treat all sorts of unpleasant skin diseases like scabies. The other English name ‘pincushion flower’ is a lot more friendly and refers to the appearance of the flower.
  • Delphinium: This blooming cousin of the ranunculus provides weeks of airy delight. With an amazing number of 450 different varieties this plant is available in an incredible range of blues and other colours. Place the romantic spikes of flowers loose in a vase or use them to lend an opulent touch to your bouquet.
  • Cornflower: Centaurea is a genus of about 500 species in the family Asteraceae, native to the Old World. The common names “Cornflower”, “Bachelor’s Button” and “Basket Flower” are used for the entire genus but most often refers to the species Centaurea cyanus. The flowers contain disk florets, such as those in the yellow centre of a daisy, and petal-like ray florets on the periphery of the flower head.
  • Marigold flower: Native to Mexico, these colourful flowers have been popular all over the world for decades. They’re treasured for their varied blooms, which come in a rainbow of hues from yellow and orange to deep maroon.

Together, these flowers form a stunning, eye-catching bouquet for summer!

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