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Classic spring flowers for a bouquet

Classic Spring Flowers For A Bouquet

Every season brings its own smells, flavours, activities and flowers. Tulips and daffodils are quintessential spring flowers — some might even call them the classics of spring. There are others, however, that are just as well known by sight and smell, if not by name. Here’s a list of the best classic spring flowers to use for a beautiful spring bouquet!

Spring flowers

Anemone: This stylish, open-hearted spring flower is unstoppable — it carries on growing in the vase. That’s lucky, though, because you can never have too much persistence and dedication, both symbolic meanings of the anemone.

Blossom: The longer you look at blossom, the more beautiful it becomes. The combination of the rough textured branch and the romantic, delicate flowers is intriguing and creates an unusual aesthetic. It’s simultaneously beautiful, strong and vulnerable, just like spring.

Hyacinth: The small curly flowers of hyacinth are wriggle with delight as they feel the first rays of sunshine. In their gratitude, they give off a beautiful fragrance. The blooms carry you into spring with white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange or green.

Lathyrus: We can see why lathyrus is so popular; the petals speak to the imagination with their deep contrasting colours, their perfect transitions from dark to light and the delicate overall aesthetic. It also gives off a gorgeous intense fragrance, filling your home with seductive scents as well as beauty.

Narcissus: Daffodils trumpet the arrival of spring. In bright yellow, or combined with white or fresh pink, they put on a bright and cheerful display. Find them large or small, with leaves or bare-stemmed, and scented or unscented.

Ranunculus: Ranunculus symbolises charm. The shyly flirtatious flower opens its petals one by one, revealing its dark, warm heart. This one is very popular on Instagram, where mono-flower bouquets turn heads and steal hearts.

Lilacs: These clusters of tiny elegant flowers lend a dreamy feel to spring. Lilac is bursting with romance — luckily this is the best time of year to fall in love. The plant is a member of the olive family and the proud flowers look beautiful in a spring bouquet.

Tulip: 400 years ago, giving someone a tulip was like handing them a priceless treasure. In those days, the tulip was incredibly popular, and could be bought and sold in exchange for whole canalside houses in Amsterdam. Today, what the tulip has lost in value, it has only gained in happiness and joy.

Stock: Stock makes a good impression with even a single stem. It first bewitches with its sweet fragrance, and then captivates with its vibrant colours. It’s no surprise that the Chinese declared it an eternal beauty.

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