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Fabulous Fall Flowers

Fabulous Fall Flowers

Ah, finally, fall is here! We have fresher evenings, golden light and warm colours all around us. And don’t you just love being indoors a bit more with a nice cup of hot cocoa after a long walk through the forest? And in this forest you can find a plethora of accessories to adorn your flower bouquets.

Flowers & berries

September is also harvest month. Not only crops, but also berries. Not all berries are edible, but most of them are fit to be… decoration! What do you think of the dark hues of blackberries and brambles mixed in with the deep blue and violet of hydrangeas? Beautiful rich colours that brighten up the living room. Or what about the tiny red berries that are like confetti on trees? These little ones go well with chrysanthemums!

Flowers & leaves

Or what about all those branches and leaves you can find so abundantly in parks, gardens and forests? Not only is it a nice activity to do, the things you find will look good in a vase too. What about dahlia, clear yellow and orange, neatly arranged with yellow birch leaves or red oak? A sure way to catch someone’s attention with this beautiful flower arrangement!

Flowers & feathers

This is maybe not something you can find easily in the forest, but feathers are a nice way to spice up flower bouquets too. We do not advice you to go chasing a peacock for its beautiful feathers of blue and green, but sometimes we find nice specimens in on the forest floor. Green black of the raven or greyish pigeon feathers, they are nice additions to your flowers!

Flowers & fruit

But other fruits go well with flowers too. Create your own flower arrangement with little apples, as this is the period for this common fruit. They bring a fall atmosphere to your shop.

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