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Finnish flowers for your hair

Finnish Flowers

Of course, you are familiar with the perfect Scandinavian tradition of making beautiful flower crowns and flower combs for your hair in summer. Nothing says Midsummer night more than flowers in your hair, right? But even after the summer solstice it is nice to wear Finnish flowers in your hair. So, we gathered a few examples.

The base

You will need floral wire, floral tape and flowers! Check the size first by making a circle and fit it on top of your head. Pick your flowers and, start! You’ll need flower tape, flower wire and scissors.

Full on Finnish flowers

Let’s celebrate our beautiful country by creating a crown in white and blue. Gather beautiful white roses, lily’s and gerbera’s and combine them with lupines and delphiniums. Flowers for Finland! Arrange them in alternating colors or one side blue, one side white. Or go especially creative by creating the cross of the Finnish flag over your head.

Go bright flowerchild!

Or maybe you can create a crown like you just picked them from a field, with wild flowers? Daisy’s, strawberry flowers, forget-me-nots and cornflowers will make you the bell of the ball, the wild flower child you are!  These flowers remind us of the flowers in Finland found in the wild.

Lilly of the valley, flower of Finland

Or maybe go understated and elegant with an all-white variety with lily of the valley and with roses and an allium as an accent. It is a subtle statement to use this flower of Finland. And a beautiful one at that!


Or you can create half a flower crown by making half a wire frame and loop it behind your ears like putting sunglasses on backwards. The advantage of half-crowns is that you can go big without it obscuring your face. So, sunflowers and hydrangeas and giant allium will create a spectacular head piece! Bring the sun to all the Finnish garden parties!

Peach and pastel

Peachy colors always work well in summer. Peachy dahlia’s, roses and maybe even peach-colored hibiscus to create an amazing summery feeling. These peach hues of flowers will go great with sun kissed skin tones and the summer in Finland.


Are crowns a bit too much for your liking? Attach fresh flowers to a hair comb and see what happens with your favorite hairstyle. Finland’s favorite flowers can also be used in combs!

We can’t wait to see your designs!

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