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Floriography: Flowers speak louder than words!

Floriography: Flowers Speak Louder Than Words!

Did you know flowers speak a language of their own? Yes, they do! It’s called floriography. From affection to sympathy, jealousy to the most intense feelings of desire, you can say it all with flowers. Curious about floriography? We, at Finnflor, will explain everything and also have selected some popular flowers and their very own floriography.

What is floriography?

Floriography is not something discovered recently. The Victorians relied on floriography to send cryptic messages of love that couldn’t be spoken aloud in their restrained society. Many would go around, armed with floral dictionaries, ready to decipher bouquets they’d received from admirers, because each flower has its own special meaning and symbolism.

Scabiosa: “A magnetic symbol of new love.”

Perfect for… when your customer is head over heels about someone and want to get their attention. The scabiosa is cupid! It’s pretty petals, nectar-rich blossom, and delicate fragrance attract all manner of birds and bees and — if that customer is lucky — a soon-to-be lover!

Freesia: “Fragrant freesias mean lasting friendship in the language of flowers.”

Perfect for… a friend. Freesias are the ultimate friendship flower. Give a freesia to a best friend as a floral pick-me-up any time of the year, because freesias symbolise trust, devotion, thoughtfulness, and honesty.

Tulips“Tulips are a declaration of love! Red tulips for eternal love, yellow for appreciation. White tulips are for forgiveness, pink for maternal love, and variegated petals for beauty. Love in every colour.”

Perfect for… a loving mum or sister. Sometimes, it’s the nearest and dearest that need a reminder of how much they are loved and appreciated. Nothing says that more beautifully than big, bold, beautiful tulip.

Rose“The absolute icon of romance and emblem of love for centuries! Roses are an interpreter for all our feelings and festivities.”

Perfect for… any occasion, but especially to cheer up a friend or tell someone they are loved. Since roses are available in so many different colours, at Finnflor we have made a list of what is the meaning of all the different colours in this blog.

Lily: “On par with the rose for its multitude of meanings, lilies are bursting with symbolism: purity, unity, femininity, excellence, and greatness.”

Perfect for… a soulmate. A majestic, long-lasting flower like the lily could only be for one person: a soulmate.

Peony: “Rich in sentiment, peonies speak of protection, good fortune, happy marriage, healing, romance, honour and everything in between.”

Perfect for… expressing love. Is your customer looking for a new and modern way to express their love, then peonies are it! Peonies scream romance, healing and protection and are very pretty as well. Perfectly to use in any bouquet.

Say it with flowers from Finnflor

Telling customers in your flower shop about floriography and the meaning of the flowers they are buying, will make their bouquet even more special. Order the perfect flowers for your flower shop now in our webshop! We buy what you order and will deliver the flowers directly from the auction to your flower shop. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!



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