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Flower arranging tips: have you heard of these neat tricks?

Flower Arranging Tips: Have You Heard Of These Neat Tricks?

You are the pro; you know all the best tips and tricks to bring glorious and colourful bouquets to life in your shop. But sometimes it doesn’t do any harm to check your facts and see if you still know the latest tips and tricks in the business. Or maybe you have some you’d like to share?

1: Secret helpers

Maybe you use a wire rack, maybe you use a silicon cover with holes, or maybe you use sticky tape. Whatever you use, a contraption that helps your flowers stand up and stay where they are is amazing. You can create depth and layers!

2: Double vase, double fun

Putting a vase in a vase and decorating the outside is a way to give a new and fun twist to your flower arrangements. Add lemons slices, crystals, or shells in the layer between the two vases, and voila! New look!

3: Big leaves

But, you can also use the big leaves around and in the vase to hide the stems. Line the glass vase with aspidistra for example. This will give a unique look!

4: Bubble skirt

Floating flowers, how beautiful! Use a small patch of bubble wrap to create a life vest for flower buds and you can create the most mesmerizing flower arrangements in big bowls.

5: Think outside the box and in the vase

Use large glass vases but showcase your flowers in them, on the inside, rather then making them hang outside the vase. Use rocks to keep your flowers upright. This looks extra stylish!

6: Submerge

But flowers also look beautiful fully submerged in water. Make sure to change the water regularly!

7: Change the colour of the water

Have you every just let the water do the talking? Arrange beautiful white flowers in coloured water. And see what happens to the flowers!

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