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Flower fields you must visit

Flower Fields You Must Visit

Flowers are truly magical. You can get enchanted by them in a second. Flowers are beautiful to look at in your flower shop but going to or driving by a flower field is even prettier. All over the world you can find the most beautiful flower fields, especially this time of year. At Finnflor we have selected some of our favourite and the most beautiful flower fields (from all over the world) you must visit.

Devon, England. When it comes to springtime in England, there are few flowers more beautiful than the bluebell. Often associated with ancient woodlands and the English Countryside, the blooms smell absolutely incredible and perfume the air for plenty of space around them. One of the quirkiest places to spot bluebells, however, is high up in Dartmoor.

Keukenhof, Holland. From the end of March until mid-May Keukenhof will be opened. In Keukenhof you will find over 7 million bulbs of flowers that bloom, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A unique and unforgettable view to enjoy on a day out.

Fuji, Japan. The Shibazakura field is located in the Fuji Five Lakes of the Greater Tokyo area. It is most popular for its amazing backdrop of Mt. Fuji on a clear day which is a feast to see. The colourful fields of 800,000 pink, white and purple blooms produce a breath-taking hue of scented carpet in a 2.4-hectare festival around mid-April to late May every year.

Provence, France. Purple flowers as far as your eyes as see. That’s what you will experience in Provence, France. Lavender in the Provence comes in 2 species: the ones that grow at lower altitude give more oil per flower and bloom from end of May till start of July. When you go to higher altitudes, the lavender is called ‘real lavender’ and it blooms from June till mid-August.

Andalucía, Spain. Every summer, the sunflower fields in southern Spain bloom. And don’t worry you’ll miss them because the fields go on for miles! It’s a beautiful sight to see all of these golden flowers disappear in the horizon. Beware of bees… You’ll hear them buzzing through the fields.

Colourful flowers from Finnflor

Got inspired by all of these colourful flower fields? Well, then you need to browse through our webshop because we’ve added tons of new flowers for this and next season. With our assortment of flowers, you can almost create your own flower field in your flower shop. Do you need help, or do you have any questions? Please let us know by contacting us. We will gladly help you.


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