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Flower of the month: Chrysanthemum


A colourful flower that gives warmth and happiness to any bouquet? That sounds like the perfect flower, doesn’t it? Well, almost everyone is familiar with this flower. Of course, we are talking about chrysanthemum! That’s why we, at Finnflor, have listed some interesting facts & figures about the chrysanthemum.

The chrysanthemum elegant shapes and sizes

This flower is suitable for every occasion because it comes in so many different shapes and colours. Looking for a round shape to compliment the wilds forms of your spring bouquet? Go with the chrysanthemum! Looking for wild and frilly flower to balanced out your soft and smooth bouquet with hydrangeas and roses? Yep, pick chrysanthemum as well!

Colours of the chrysanthemum

This versatile and sturdy flower is beautiful with its delicate petals and many different colours and forms. There are round ones shaped like a sphere and spikey ones with petals neatly arranged around a centre. From white and purple to pink, yellow and even ones with more than one colour.

Chrysanthemums origin

The chrysanthemum has been and still is incredibly popular in Asia. The flower originates from China and Japan, where they fell in love with this flower immediately. The chrysanthemum arrived in Europe in around 1700. The chrysanthemum’s name derives from the Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower). Originally you could only enjoy the chrysanthemum in golden yellow.

The chrysanthemums special meaning

The chrysanthemum is also an important flower in Asia. In Japan for instance, it is the symbol for the royal family of the emperor. A symbol of the sun, the Japanese consider the orderly unfolding of the chrysanthemum’s petals to represent perfection, and Confucius once suggested they be used as an object of meditation. It’s said that a single petal of this celebrated flower placed at the bottom of a wine glass will encourage a long and healthy life. On the other side of the pacific, this flower carries a lot of weight as well. In New Orleans it is only used on All Saints Day, so it has become the symbol of the honoured dead in that city. In Chicago it is the official flower of the city.

All kinds of chrysanthemums from Finnflor

Looking for chrysanthemums to sell to the customers of your flower shop? Feel free to contact us or browse through our webshop. We have a large selection of different flowers available all year round. From chrysanthemum to roses, tulips and many more. Order now!

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