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Flower trends for 2019

Flower Trends

It’s almost 2019, which means a new year filled with new flower trends. For 2019 there are three different trends: Harvesting Elements, New Frontiers and Soft Landing. Here we explain all the trends for 2019 and what flowers belong to that specific trend.

Harvesting Elements

The Harvesting Elements trend is about sustainability and all our tomorrows. The sustainability of our immediate environment, as well as that of the entire planet is a recurring theme. The shapes are simple and without fuss. You also encounter many natural, irregular organic shapes. Shades of white and grey together with black predominate, followed by shades of blue accompanied by natural tones of green, blue and brown.

Flowers that work with this trend are…
hydrangeas. The hydrangea is a robust flower with a diameter of 25 centimetres. Since it is also available in green, it’s the perfect match for Harvesting Elements.
hyacinths. The hyacinth is a small curly flower, which smells fantastic. This way you can really get a sense of the Harvesting Elements trend.

New Frontiers

The future has arrived. This trend is all about speed, smart technology, and our senses. How can we be at one with ourselves in an ever-smarter environment? We need to seek a healthy balance and find a new rhythm within this tempo, where so much is already decided for us, invented to assist us in our lives, and it is also expected of us to be up to date with all of this technology. The shapes are sleek, geometric or futuristic. It is notable that the materials are more important than the shape. Purple and lilac predominate. The gradients, metallic finishes and reflective colours are also linked to this trend.

These are flowers that belong to New Frontiers trend…
tulips. The ever-cheerful tulips come in many colours, from white to red, yellow and pink. Colours you will see a lot with the New Frontiers trend.
callas. The most noticeable aspect of the calla is the beautifully shaped spathe, which is actually a petal. The shape is almost as futuristic as this trend.

Soft Landing

This trend is about a soft landing. For society, but primarily in your immediate surroundings. With so much chaos in the world outside, we want to make everything a bit friendlier, softer, and more beautiful. A place where you can be safe and comfortable, like being wrapped in a warm blanket. The shapes that belong to the Soft Landing trend are soft, rounded and have delicate curves. Materials that are essentially hard also appear soft thanks to their finish. Pastel colours alternate with creamy shades, pale lilacs and nude colours.

With the trend Soft Landing these are the flowers to use…
roses. The heart-shaped petals of a rose have a soft look. The light-coloured roses kind of describe the feeling of the Soft Landing trend.
alliums. The long, elegant stem bears a stylish globe of the tiny flowers, which give the allium a soft look.
gypsophilas. Gypsophila kind of looks like allium because of its softness. It looks great on its own, but it can also a mixed bouquet to the next level.

Trendy flowers from Finnflor

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Source: Flower Council Holland

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