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Flower trends for 2020

Flower Trends For 2020

Every year brings new trends with it. We are very excited to share the flower trends for 2020! Flower Council of Holland has worked with a trendwatcher and in collaboration with the trendwatcher some new flower trends have been named: Blended Cultures, Street Savage and Inner Retreat.

Flower trend #1: Blended Cultures

This style trend is all about inclusiveness and diversity. Despite the fact that the world is at our feet more and more, our vision seems to be becoming more and more intelligent. The need for a realistic view of the world, including all its aspects, colours, smells, opinions, influences, generations and cultures, is growing. We call this blatant mix of style mixes Blended Cultures.

Flowers or plants that fit this trend are…



Flower trend #2: Street Savage

This style trend is all about authenticity and rawness. Standards and glass ceilings are constantly being broken. By consumers in general, but mainly by women. This empowerment movement seeks freedom and imperfection. The power for change is derived from unconventional, tough and coloured street and urban influences. We call that bold style Street Savage.

Flowers or plants that fit this trend are…



Flower trend #3: Inner Retreat

Within this style trend it is all about hyper personal products and stimulation. The performance society has set the bar high and ensures that we often feel overwhelmed. But no matter how much we turn off the pressure, we seem just as addicted to it. How do we restore the balance? This issue is at the basis of the Inner Retreat style trend.

Flowers or plants that fit this trend are…



Trendy flowers from Finnflor

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Source: Flower council

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