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Flowers and ballet: An ancient tradition given a new look

Ballet Flowers

The relationship between flowers and ballet has existed for centuries. In the 19th century, the Russian ballerina Mathilda Ksjesinskaja appeared on stage in a dress decorated with flowers. Besides that, flowers are always given to the dancers after their performance. We will share more about particular flowers and their connection to ballet.

Hydrangea and ballet

After a dancer’s performance, you want to give the dancer something to show your appreciation. A hydrangea is elegant and has grandeur, which makes it fit the occasion so well. The flower also represents gratitude, grace and beauty. It radiates abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape. The hydrangea’s colours symbolize love, harmony and peace. With a few flowers you already make a fantastic impression.

Irises and ballet

In Greek, the word “iris” means “rainbow”. In Greek mythology, the goddess Iris would carry messages from women’s souls to the gods Hera and Zeus through the arc of a rainbow. Through her, the iris came to represent a link between the earth and the heavens, the temporal and the sublime. Irises are great flowers to give to ballerinas as a sign of appreciation for their artistry, which may likewise move an audience to the sublime. The purple iris flower in particular symbolizes compliments and admiration.

Rose and ballet

You can never go wrong with good old roses, which are lovely flowers to give to anyone. Because there are so many variations of them however, it’s hard to know what they each represent. So here are a few types of roses with specific meanings that are most appropriate as gifts for dancers:

  • Yellow: The Victorians used to give yellow roses to say, “I’m jealous”, but today they have other meanings such as friendship, affection and joy.
  • Pink: Light pink roses represent grace and admiration while darker shades of pink symbolize a deeper expression of appreciation and gratitude. They are also a good way of saying a silent “thank you”.
  • Combination of red and yellow: This colour combination traditionally means gaiety and is a good way of showing appreciation for a particularly lively and fun performance.

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Source: The Australian Ballet

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