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Flowers and mourning, what do they mean?


As far back as the ancient Egyptians, humans use flowers to remember and mourned the deceased. In Hawaii, they use flower garlands such as Lei’s for happy moments, but also for funerals. In Mexico, sugar skulls and flowers are used to celebrate the Day of the Dead, on November the 1st. But what do different flowers symbolize?


Somehow Lilies are intrinsically interwoven with the smell of funerals. And because of this, some people really dislike lilies. But this regal flower is not just the fragrance of funeral homes, it actually symbolizes the soul of the deceased returned to a peaceful state of innocence. I bet you did not know that!


Roses, and especially white roses are a common flower for funerals. They are the ultimate symbol of spirituality and purity and are fit to say goodbye to our beloved ones.


In Asia this flower symbolises rebirth, so they can also be given at baby showers. In Europe they mainly symbolise honour and sympathy.

Calla Lily

The Calla stands for purity and the shape is good for arrangements that are made for lying down. Pick this in a modern colour to give the flower arrangement a more modern twist.


Dahlia are the flower of the moment and they symbolise, amongst other things: forever yours. Which is a beautiful message for a lover passed away.

Flower arrangements

Find comfort in flowers and flower arrangements. Do you make special arrangements for the people closest to the deceased to lower on the left side of the coffin? Are there certain colour combinations or your region to symbolise the deceased persons birthplace? Let us know and we will provide the flowers you need!

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