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Flowers for Fall

Flowers For Fall

The days are getting colder and longer, and after a summer spent outdoors, it is nice to keep nature close. You can achieve this by decorating home, shop and office with big, luscious autumn arrangements. And not just flowers! Fall is the time to incorporate leaves and branches in your bouquets. We found five fall favourites!


You can get this happy little bloomer in different fiery fall colours like orange, yellow and red. There are a lot of different species to choose from!


This small flower with bright colours is a true joy during Fall. The long stems give this flower a fragile look but don’t underestimate the power of this baby!


This beautiful herald of autumn is sure to brighten up your mood with its bright colour and quirky shape. It is said in ancient China that the lanterns were used to trap evil spirits. Perfect flower for Halloween!


This perfectly purple berry of this plant is very pleasant in bouquets and flower arrangement for that little pop of colour. Berries are perfect for this season as there are less flowers to be found. Make your home picture perfect!


These sturdy berries from the rose plant are perfect for October! The orangey red colour, the cute green leaves, this dude is perfect as decoration on its own, or with other plants and flowers.

Autumn finds

But it is also possible to add your treasures from the walk in the forest to your bouquets. Bright twigs with leaves, chestnuts, acorn, birch, will go well with your flowers. Watcha waiting for? Go outside!

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