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Flowers from the North

Flowers have a special place in Finnish culture. The symbolize summer and spring and rebirth after a long and dark winter. Flowers are intrinsically interwoven with our Nordic Culture. And Finland has, as you know, the lily of the valley as national flower, but we also have lots of wild flowers you can mix with imported flowers to create stunning bouquets that will surprise your customers, and put a smile on their face.

Patterns and Fashion

Flowers are also an important part of fashion here in the North. Prints in red and blue or other bold colors are what we are most famous for. Think of the bold and bright pattern Unikko by famous Finnish designer Marimekko for example. And what about flower-adorned jumpers, dresses and other folklore-clothing items? Recreate these famous patterns with red poppies and daisies. Or any other flower in bright primary color!

Wild flowers: Lily of the valley and Lupines

But you can also use flowers found in the wild. They will be more difficult to find now at the end of the season, but some of our native species can give nice accents to your bouquets. Lily of the valley is a beautiful flower for weddings and wedding bouquets. You can use them alone, as a simple statement of purity and innocence or pair with peonies and garden roses. Or what about the beautiful tall purple lupine? These go amazingly well with irises and white roses to create a floral bouquet that invokes the warm purple colors of fall.

National colors

And what about white and blue? Get ready for Independence Day with flower arrangements and bouquets in our national colors. Combine blue hydrangeas, cornflowers and delphiniums and falls favorite the blue anemone with white roses, white tulips or white calla lilies. Maybe you can even recreate the flag? We are looking forward to see your creations!

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