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Get into a festive mood with flowers

Get Into A Festive Mood With Flowers

November is almost over… So, bring on December and the Christmas season! Lights everywhere, the smell of fresh Christmas trees and sparkles of course. Want to make the Christmas season even more festive? Incorporate flowers! How? Finnflor gives some festive tips!

#1 Gift wrapping with flowers

Because gift wrapping is even more fun than giving. Bought some one the perfect Christmas present and want to gift wrapping to match the gift? Don’t worry! A fun and very festive gift wrapping idea is to wrap the gift with plain wrapping paper and add flowers to it. This is a fun idea to share with your customers! If the customer already wants to wrap gifts early, dried flowers could also be used or suggest to add the flowers right before Christmas.

#2 Christmas flower decor

The best way to decorate for Christmas, is obviously with flowers. This way of decorating is unique, looks beautiful and can feel even more festive than regular Christmas decorations. At Finnflor we have selected the most festive flowers for the Christmas season.

  • Roses: The Queen of the Flowers will always be part of the Christmas season, especially when roses have the stunning dark red or purple colour.
  • Chrysanthemums: This golden flower brings warmth, colour and shines in every bouquet. That’s why the chrysanthemum has to be part of this list.
  • Lisianthus: The lisianthus is very versatile because of its many different colours but it also makes the perfect gift, especially during the Christmas season.
  • Amaryllis: Just like the chrysanthemum, the sparkling amaryllis brings warmth on cold days. You can really make it the star of the holiday season.

#3 Christmas table arrangement

Christmas dinner means a table filled with different dishes and drinks, but don’t forget about the table arrangement. A table flower arrangement makes the Christmas dinner feel even more festive and that’s what we, at Finnflor, find very important. Since Christmas is a very stressful time, we suggest creating some table flower arrangement for your customers to choose from. And of course use the ultimate festive flowers: roses, chrysanthemums and lisianthus.

Festive flowers for your flower shop from Finnflor

At Finnflor we are fully prepared for the Christmas season, so get your flower shop ready as well and order all of the festive flowers in our webshop! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer all of your questions.

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