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Get ready for Valentine’s Day

Get Ready For Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day? At Finnflor we have been getting ready for this special day by adding tons of different flowers of love to our webshop. But what are the perfect flowers to give to your loved one? What is the meaning of those flowers? And what is a special way to give something to your loved one? Well, we’ve got you covered with some flower suggestions, meaningful arrangements ideas and a lovely gift DIY!

Flowers to grow your love

  • Flirt with ranunculus. This flower comes in white, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. The petals open one by one until you can look straight into the heart of the flowers. The ranunculus symbolizes charm. What a flirt you are!
  • Yearn with carnations. Carnations have such intense colours: from pale green to deep purple and salmon pink. Some have very unusual petals, rounded or serrated. It sometimes lifts the skirts slightly, so you can see the twist in its stem.
  • Seduce with freesias. The fabulous freesia comes in sparkling colours ranging from white to blue. It leaves a subtle hint of perfume behind. A comb of flowers unfolds at the end of each long stem, and even continues to grow cheerfully in a vase. Every day she looks different, so you will never get enough of her.
  • Love with roses. Besides the title the Queen of Flowers, roses are also the Queen of Love. All colours have their own special meaning, so there’s always a suitable rose to give to a loved one. From passionate love to purity, friendship and gratitude. With giving a rose, you will give a lot of love, so it definitely is a must for Valentine’s Day.

Meaningful arrangements

Select a couple of flowers from the list above and create a beautiful arrangement or bouquet to display in you flower shop. This will give people inspiration to ask to create their own meaningful piece or maybe it’s exactly what they had in mind. Since it is almost Valentine’s Day, just go crazy with tons of pink and red coloured flowers. These are the flowers that everyone associates with Valentine’s Day and therefore will love.

Lovely gift DIY

For Valentine’s Day people don’t only want to gift flowers, but also something to go with it. That’s why we wanted to mention this lovely and unique DIY Valentine’s Day gift, made with flowers. This might be a good idea to give a tip to the customers in your flower shop…

What you need: wrapping paper, flowers of your choice, scissors, tape and ribbon or rope.

Do you already have a gift for your loved one, but you want to make it even more special? Then you need to try this DIY. It’s fairly simple but it makes your gift even more special. First grab your wrapping paper and wrap your gift like you normally would. Then grab the ribbon or rope, your flowers of choice (with a rose you can never go wrong) and start by tying the ribbon or rope around your gift. Put the flower through the ribbon or rope and your lovely gift is ready for Valentine’s Day!

Flowers of love from Finnflor

Since it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day… Order Valentine’s Day flowers for your flower shop today in our webshop! We will buy what you order, which means fresh stock every time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we can answer them.



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