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Hiya Hyacinth!

The Hyacinth is one of our favorite flowers! Sturdy and yet elegant, with beautiful colors. And as a bonus, this flower makes the house smell lovely. The cluster of small flowers is unlike any other spring bloom. Somehow it shows us to stay optimistic and welcome a new spring after the cold and dark winter.

Shapes and colors

You can use this flower in a bouquet, in a vase, or in pots where they will slowly emerge from their bulb. Somehow very majestic with its strong pose, it welcomes spring in your home with its brightness and scent. You can find them in white, purple, yellow, pink, orange, blue or even green.


The hyacinth is the flower of the Sun god Apollo and a symbol of peace and prosperity. In the Christian belief, this flower usually symbolizes love and happiness. The name of the flower comes from a Greek hero called Hyakinthos who was killed by the god of the West Wind, Zephyros. From his blood, Apollo created the first hyacinth.

Origins of the Hyacinth

Around the 1500s this flower made its way to Europe from Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. It took a few centuries before it was common. In the 17th and 18th century this flower was so rare, that only a few rich and privileged could afford to have them in their green houses. Luckily today it is otherwise!

Do you want this gorgeous flower to be part of your spring flower arrangements and bouquets? Contact us for more information.

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