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Hyvää joulua!

Hyvää Joulua!

The best time of the year! Cold and snowy outside, but warm and glowing inside! And what better way to celebrate Christmas with a perfect flower arrangement or bouquet from our shop, to your shop! And not just the boring (but beautiful!) Christmas favourites but this year we will spell Christmas! With flowers…

J, for Jasmin

This fragrant beauty is not only amazing in gardens, it will make a great impression in any arrangement. Plus, the mini white flowers remind us a bit of snowflakes, don’t they? Jasmin flowers are rare, but worth it!

O, for Orchid

Queen of the flowers, the orchid comes in many different forms, sizes and colours. It will give an exquisite and luxurious touch to any bouquet it gets added to. Go for the dark and velvety colours this winter.

U, for Ursinia

This small orange flower with dark heart is beautiful in gardens and will turn on the sunshine in any bouquet you use it in.

L, for lily

These gorgeous big flowers are the centrepiece of any flower arrangement or bouquet. They come in many varieties and colours, so pick to your heart’s desire!

U, for Unikko

These bright red poppies are like the Christmas baubles in the tree. The will give the bright red accent you need at Christmas. And of course, they are famous from the flower fabric of our beloved designer Marimekko.

A, for amaryllis

Together with the lilies this might seem as a bit much, but hey, it is Christmas, so we can go over the top. Besides, it is the season of the amaryllis, so they should be part of this special Christmas arrangement, right?

So now we have a secret message arrangement which might look a bit odd, but we challenge you, spell your holiday message with flowers!

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