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In the spirit of Christmas: lonely bouquet day

In The Spirit Of Christmas: Lonely Bouquet Day

Maybe you were wandering around town last week and you saw a lonely bouquet lying around. You started thinking about the person who forgot this and arrived empty handed at his or her destination. Or maybe you thought, I wish I had the courage to take these with me, my home could use some flowers! Well, maybe you could have, because maybe they were part of the project called ‘Lonely Bouquet’.

Lonely Bouquet? What is that?

The basic concept of the Lonely Bouquet goes a little something like this:

  1. Gather a bunch of flowers
  2. Arrange the flowers in a small, recycled jar or tie them off with a bit of twine
  3. Add a tag which you can make on the website of Lonely Bouquet
  4. Leave the bouquet behind for a lucky stranger to find and notify the system.

Voila! You have just delivered a handful of flowers that will surely put a smile on a stranger’s face.

What flowers to pick?

Of course, you can go around and pick whatever you like, but why not make it an exquisite Christmas bouquet with hints of red and gold? The amaryllis, tulips and hyacinth and holly branches. Go crazy with burgundy, soft pink and brown.

The official date

This reoccurring holidays’ official date is somewhere in June, but why not use it as an excuse to spread flowers all the time, and especially in a time that giving is so important. Let’s try and get this trend widespread in Finland and the rest of Europe, because it’s amazing! Let us know when you left a bouquet somewhere and we will put it on Facebook!

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