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Summer flowers bouquet

How to create the ultimate summer bouquet

Bring on summer! So many colours and different type of flowers combined together are really on-trend this season. That’s why we, at Finnflor, have selected the five summer flowers you need to use in a summer bouquet: gladiolus, iris, allium, delphinium and sunflower.
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Midsummer flowers

Midsummer is almost here… So, let’s celebrate with flowers!

In Finland, around the time of Summer Solstice, Finns swarm to the countryside with friends and family to start the annual Midsummer celebration. Bonfires (traditionally lit to ward off evil spirits and promise healthy crops) and sauna are two of the most typical traditions in Finnish Midsummer celebrations, but now barbecuing, fishing, boating and partying have become standard Midsummer pastimes. What is something that’s a must during Midsummer? Flowers of course!
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Wedding Season Flowers

Bring on this year’s wedding season!

What would a wedding be without fresh flowers? Flowers add that special touch to a wedding and are therefore a ‘must’. May and June are the most popular months to get married so the wedding season has definitely started! With a new wedding season come new wedding trends. We have selected some of our favourites and give some tips you can also give to the customers in your flower shop.
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Mothers Day Finnflor Flowers

Flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day

Whether you have a lovely mother or a fantastic grandma, foster mother or step-mother: on Mother’s Day you will probably spoil her with flowers. But what are lovely flower ideas for the loveliest mothers? We at Finnflor have made a list of flowers that are a must for Mother’s Day!
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Flower of the month: Gerbera

Gerberas, powerful and cheerful flowers that are used very often. You might have seen it in different colours. The beautiful colours and playful shape of the gerbera make it fit any occasion. So, the gerbera is always a good idea!
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Flower Fields

Flower fields you must visit

Flowers are truly magical. You can get enchanted by them in a second. Flowers are beautiful to look at in your flower shop but going to or driving by a flower field is even prettier. All over the world you can find the most beautiful flower fields, especially this time of year. At Finnflor we have selected some of our favourite and the most beautiful flower fields (from all over the world) you must visit.
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Spring Flowers

Bring on spring: typical spring flowers

Spring is nature’s way for saying, “Let’s party!”. At Finnflor we are so excited spring is finally here. Spring means new and beautiful coloured flowers everywhere. To get your flower shop ready for spring season, we have selected a couple of our favourite typical spring flowers.
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Positive Vibes Flowers

Let’s spread positive vibes with these flowers

There is nothing better than the scent of a bouquet of fresh flowers. The scent of certain flowers can recall nostalgic moments and create a relaxed atmosphere. It’s proven that scents of flowers have a positive effect on your brain! That’s why we, at Finnflor, have made a list of flowers that will definitely spread positivity everywhere.
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Flower photos Instagram

This is how you take the perfect photo of flowers

The most popular social media platform of this moment is definitely Instagram. We enjoy looking at all of the photos of beautiful flowers and post them all the time as well. But how do you take the perfect photo of flowers? Finnflor has listed five tips, which will definitely help you.
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International Women's Day

Celebrate International Women’s Day with flowers

International Women's Day is on March 8. The long-celebrated holiday has a storied history of fighting for women's rights, and the day can be recognized in many ways. One of the lasting traditions of this day that recognizes women and their achievements is the simple act of giving a woman a bouquet of flowers. That’s why Finnflor has selected the three flowers with a special meaning for International Women’s Day.
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Valentine's Day Flowers

Get ready for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day? At Finnflor we have been getting ready for this special day by adding tons of different flowers of love to our webshop. But what are the perfect flowers to give to your loved one? What is the meaning of those flowers? And what is a special way to give something to your loved one? Well, we’ve got you covered with some flower suggestions, meaningful arrangements ideas and a lovely gift DIY!
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Winter flowers winter blues

Winter blues: typical winter flowers

Winter is really here. It’s cold, it rains a lot, maybe even some snow will fall. Since it stays dark so long and gets dark really early, a lot of people get the winter blues. Of course, flowers are a great way to cheer anyone up, also during winter. These typical winter flowers will definitely help to conquer the winter blues.
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