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Let’s spread positive vibes with these flowers

Let’s Spread Positive Vibes With These Flowers

There is nothing better than the scent of a bouquet of fresh flowers. The scent of certain flowers can recall nostalgic moments and create a relaxed atmosphere. It’s proven that the scents of flowers has a positive effect on your brain! That’s why we, at Finnflor, have made a list of flowers that will definitely spread positivity everywhere.

Feminine Jasmine

The soft, sweet and feminine scent of jasmine gives the ultimate spring feeling. This is the season for flowers to bloom. Countless small, white chalice-shaped flowers grow out of the branches of the stems. These branches spread an exotic, warm scent, especially in the evenings at night. The jasmine is therefor known as the queen of the night.

TIP! The scent of jasmine gives a calming feeling, which helps you to fall asleep. Maybe give jasmine as a tip to customers in your flower shop if they feel anxious or restless.

Sweet matthiola

The feminine scent of the matthiola incana brings back the sweetest memories. The scent is best described as sensual, cool and feminine at the same time. Matthiola incana is often used in scented candles because of its relaxing scent.

Warm rose

Fragrance experts will agree that you can describe the scent of roses as warm and sweet. Instead of calming you down, the scent of roses makes you wake up and active. Not only do you come to life completely, the scent of roses also makes you feel comfortable. Rose scent provides a harmonious energy, which comes in handy when you want to withdraw after a hectic day.

Wellness eucalyptus

Besides it being the favourite food of Australian koalas, eucalyptus also has the perfect scent to get a positive mindset. Did you know oils being taken from eucalyptus are used in beauty products in wellness centres? The scent of eucalyptus has a healing effect on your airways and has a refreshing effect on your brain.

TIP! Advice your customers if they want to start their day energetically, to rub their fingers over the leaves of the eucalyptus and sniff their hands a few times. After that, they are ready to conquer the day!

Peaceful lavender

When you think of lavender, you think of peace. It is scientifically proven that the scent of lavender is the best remedy for stress. Researchers did a test. They allowed test subjects to move fairly vigorously for two minutes, after which half of them were allowed to sniff lavender scent and the other half weren’t. The calming effect was certainly there: those who got to smell the lavender had a lower blood pressure and a lower heart rate during the recovery of the effort.

Flowers for positive vibes from Finnflor

Create the perfect bouquet filled with these positivity flowers. We have stocked our webshop with tons of positive and spring flowers. Are you in need of flowers for your flower shop? Browse through our webshop and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Source: Bloomon

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