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Minimalistic flowers

Minimalistic Flowers

Frilly and dainty, flowers somehow breathe romantic vibes, but they can do so much more! Even though florals and bouquets don’t immediately make you think of graphic design and minimalism, it is possible to create strong and modern statements with nature. Just be bold and make your flowers speak with form and colour. Let’s go!

Art and Flowers

Some flowers don’t need a bouquet. Some are strong enough to hold their own, maybe even without a vase! Or just pick out a minimalistic vase and one or two bold flowers. You can combine these with paper in similar colours, which you place in a vase. Or what about attaching your flowers and the paper to a wall? It will look amazing, like you created your own art.

Interior Design

And what about the rest of your styling? If you like these kind of flower arrangements, the rest of your interior probably is understated as well.  So why not arrange 2 or 3 of your favourite flowers in different vases and arrange them together or apart in your living room? This is a sort of decomposed bouquet so to speak, and highlights the clean feel of modern homes.

Flowers in shapes

Have you ever seen those rings in hobby shops? They make perfect little helpers to create modern arrangements. You can fold flowers around the circle, or hang one in the middle to to emphasize it.

Trend colours for flowers

To know if you are on point with your trend colours this year, it is wise to follow the Pantone guide trend report. This year it is the trend colour is ‘Greenery’, pantone 15-0343, which is good news because we like green! Pair this with Pink yarrow, pantone 17-2034 and Pale dogwood, pantone 13-1404 and you have an amazing and hip bouquet.

Go even further

If you want to take the design of your flowers even one step further, freeze them in water and lets them melt in a vase. Almost like performance art!

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