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No Christmas tree, but still Christmas feeling?

No Christmas Tree, But Still Christmas Feeling?

A Christmas tree is hard work. It is difficult to buy, expensive and somehow you always end up with a bigger one than you need because you think big is beautiful. And then come Christmas it looks amazing but somehow it always is such a mess to clean up and you find yourself with a tree in February.

No tree, no problem

Why not go on a little bit of a different road this year with a tree made out of succulents? Just carefully arrange succulents in the shape of a tree and voila, an amazing new way of celebrating Christmas and giving good old pine tree some rest this year.

Flowers in your tree

But should you decide to go for a tree this year, why not decorate it with flowers? Either dried ones, or fresh ones you can alternate and exchange during holiday season will work well. You can use mini tubes to water the flowers or find open Christmas baubles. Or why not make a tree out of flowers? Create a big and stunning centrepiece, with holly, pine tree, eucalyptus, amaryllis and other beautiful Christmas coloured flowers. Decorate with lights and you are ready to go!

Festive and green accessories

And you can also use the leftovers of your efforts to create chique and effortless green accessories for your home or for yourself. Broches, earrings, or mini bouquets for your bathroom, table or bedroom. Go wild, go dark green. Use can use a dark red rose with dark green juniper branches to make lush fashion accessories!

What is your modern twist on Christmas? How original are you this December to create a Christmas to never forget? Show us on Facebook!


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