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Perfect Peony

Perfect Peony

May and June are the best months for flowers and the peony is the unofficial queen of the spring flowers. This amazing blooming beauty is the perfect start of Summer.

Shapes and colors

Luckily enough there are a lot of different shapes and colors to be found in the realm of the peony. Single, double or triple layered and colors ranging from pale ivory to the darkest red, you are sure to find one you like. And the scent is unmistakably a scent of summer. You can find it in a lot of perfumes as well.


Peonies bring joy from the moment they arrive shaped like little bright colored balls that slowly open and unfold the beauty within. They are also multicolored flowers nowadays, or ones with different colored hearts.


The peony symbolizes amongst other things, love, luck and health. It is a good flower for weddings. But don’t you feel that when you buy a bouquet of peonies, you bring home a bundle of happiness and joy to brighten up your house?

Where does the peony come from?

The peony came to Europe at the end of the 1700s. They were imported from China. In China, the roots are also considered medicinal, they are said to lower fever. But, don’t try this at home, or at least, you look at them neatly arranged in a vase, instead of eating them!

What is your favorite combination of colors?

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