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Queen of the flowers, meet the rose

Queen Of The Flowers, Meet The Rose

The rose is famous around the world as a symbol of love and beauty. People generally agree that she is the queen of flowers. Whether this title is deserved is in the eye of the beholder, but the rose is a statement in your shop, flower arrangement or bridal bouquet. That is certain!


Majestic, elegant and available in many colours, this beautiful flower is a versatile flower to have in your shop. With its heart-shaped petals it is a symbol of love, but can symbolise many other things, depending on the colour of the flower. Red stands for love and respect, white for purity and real love, where pink is more of a flower that stands for luck and gratitude.

Different kinds of flowers

The rose has many varieties. Big ones, small ones, on a long stem and on a short stem. And each year there are many different varieties that come up. Orange roses are a symbol of desire and yellow roses are a symbol of deep friendship and connection. But you can also go for combinations of colours to purvey messages. Create your own message with these wonderful flowers!

Where do these flowers come from?

The Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans discovered this amazing flower and its beauty, in Europe we had to wait until the 16th century.

DIY with Roses

You can make amazing things with roses, like bath salts and rose water and body scrubs. Or you can create beautiful rainbow roses by slicing the stem and putting them in different coloured water. What will you make?

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