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Roses are red…

Roses Valentine

What is more classically romantic then a big bouquet of red roses? Everyone knows, that the flower to give a lived one, is a red rose. For weddings, anniversaries, and of course Valentines, which is just around the corner by the way.

But how did the red rose become symbol for desire, love and passion?


The rose, according to fossil evidence, is already 35 million years old. They were cultivated in the Middle East during the Roman period, and large rose gardens were cultivated across the empire. The red rose became a symbol of love, as early as in the Greek and Roman empire. The red rose became tied to the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. It is said that the first rose was created from her tears and the blood of her lover in early Christian times it became tied to the virtue of virgin Mary. In Shakespearian times the red rose was already a symbol of love, and he used it in his works to only make it more famous. In the seventeenth century England, roses were in such high demand that English royalty accepted roses and rose water as legal tender.

All over the world

Not only in Europe was the rose a symbol of love. There are scriptures talking about roses in China and Japan. In the Arabic world, all roses originally were white until one night a nightingale who fell in love with a white rose. Before, nightingales were birds that just chirped like other birds, but the love for this rose inspired the nightingale to sing the most beautiful song. Eventually his love was so great, he pressed himself to the flower and the thorns pierced his heart, colouring the rose red.

So, make sure you have all your roses, red, white, pink or any other colour ordered in time before this special holiday!

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