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Summer wedding bouquet inspiration

Summer Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

When it comes to a wedding bouquet, almost all flowers are suitable to use. It’s completely up to the bride and groom and their personal style. But it also depends on the season, since not every single flower is available during spring, summer, fall or autumn. Curious about the trendy flowers to use for this summer wedding season? At Finnflor we have made a list of flowers that are a ‘must’ to use in a wedding bouquet.

Trendy flowers to use for this summer wedding season are:

  • Alstromeria: Twisted leaves and brightly coloured flowers: those are the Alstroemeria’s key features. It symbolises friendship, making it the perfect flower to use in a wedding. For a summer wedding bouquet consider orange, pink, yellow and cream shades.
  • Chrysanthemum: This ‘golden flower’, with a warm appearance and vibrating colours, shines in every bouquet. Meet the chrysanthemum. Available in so many beautiful shades such as white, yellow, orange and pink.
  • Gerbera: The gerbera brings joy everywhere! Its fresh colour and playful shape suit every event, so gerberas are always the right choice. Pink, yellow, orange, red and white; all beautiful colours for this summer wedding season.
  • Hydrangea: With its robust flower with a diameter up to 25 cm, the hydrangea is an excellent choice. A name like Hydrangea gives you an instant five-star summer feeling. A charming eye-catcher in white, blue, purple and pink.
  • Iris: The iris has a mysterious feeling. Colours which other flowers don’t have. And something magical. It is named after the rainbow goddess. The iris looks stunning in any wedding bouquet, especially in purple, blue and white.
  • Lisianthus: It’s time for a trip to the Wild West, where a beautiful flower with an even more beautiful name has its roots: the lisianthus. Its appealing symbolism – gratitude amongst other things – makes it the perfect gift. Go for purple, white or pink this summer wedding season.
  • Roses: The most gracious flower of them all. And all the colours have their own special meaning. Wherever and whoever you are, there’s always a suitable rose for a wedding. Since the rose is all about love the most suitable colours for a summer wedding bouquet are red, white, pink, orange and yellow.
  • Sunflower: The sunflower often symbolises the sun and love. That’s why it’s a ‘must’ for this summer wedding season!

Flowers for this wedding season from Finnflor

If your flower shop is in need of some new trendy flowers for this wedding season, take a look at our webshop. We have a large selection of different flowers, perfect for this summer wedding season. Do you have questions, or do you want more information? Contact us!

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