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The perfect flowers for different events

The Perfect Flowers For Different Events

Every event needs decoration to set the vibe of the event. One of those decorations are flowers. Flowers can be used in so many different ways. In a flower wall, in bouquets, in table arrangements and many other different ways. For three social events we have made a list of the perfect flowers to use and why: for weddings, a product launch or a birthday.

For weddings…

roses. What is more romantic than a beautiful bouquet filled with stunning roses? Of course, roses have to be part of a wedding. If it is in the bride’s bouquet or in the arrangements on the dinner tables. The Queen of flowers will make the wedding even more romantic and complete.

peonies. Peonies are such cheerful flowers. Their unique shape, various colours and sweet fragrance make peonies even more special than they already are. Besides that, the peonies represent love, happiness and health. Something everyone wants to wish the newlywed couple.

gypsophila. One of the trendiest flowers of the moment has to be gypsophila. Gypsophila is the team player among flowers. Of course, it looks great on its own, but it can also raise a mixed bouquet to a new level.

For a product launch…

orchid. Wishing someone good luck, you can perfectly do so with an orchid. The orchid fits with every style, so this beauty deserves the title of the Perfect Flower. The flower comes in gorgeous colours, from powder pastels to candy pink or Zen white. There are even tiger prints, cow spots and stripes.

azaleas. These picturesque flowers symbolise harmony, happiness and balance. In addition to this, azaleas also thought to represent thoughtfulness. Definitely a thoughtful flower to have or gift at a special event, like a product launch.

For a birthday…

tulips. A cheerful flower such as the tulip, is a perfect way to celebrate something. A birthday, a milestone. Anything that needs to be celebrated. With its bright colours and single or double row of petals definitely a must at every birthday party.

calla. Incorporating the calla into a bouquet means you like to party! A drink here, a dance there. A meaning which is perfect for a birthday. A birthday should all be about celebrating life and partying with loved ones.

sunflowers. Yellow sunflowers scream happiness and sunny days. When gifting a sunflower to someone, you kind of say: “You are a ray of sunshine.” A nice thing to say to someone on their birthday.

Flowers for events from Finnflor

Looking for flowers for a wedding, product launch, birthday or another big social event? Contact us! At Finnflor we have a large selection of different flowers available, all year round. Do you have questions, or do you want more information? Don’t hesitate and just send us an email or call us.

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