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The perfect red flowers to match outfits on Dress Red Day

Dress Red Day

On Saturday 29th of the September it’s Dress Red Day. This special day is brought to life to try and bring awareness to the fact that not only men but also women struggle with heart and vascular disease. With the awareness they hope more research will be done to map the main differences between men and women. What type of red flowers are an absolute ‘must’ to have in your flower shop on this special day?

1. Red roses

An obvious choice for red flowers, are of course red roses. These timeless and beautiful flowers are always a good idea, especially on Dress Red Day. Red roses represent love and respect, so that fits this day even better.

2. Red gerbera

If you say gerbera, you say colour. The basic colours of the gerbera are white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, green and of course red. The bright red gerbera will look really good on Dress Red Day. It’s a really happy flower and known as a birth flower. Maybe that’s why it’s associated with happiness.

3. Red lilies

The lily symbolizes femininity, love and purity. Everybody knows lilies as beautiful white flowers, but they are also available in different colours, like red. This colour makes the flower look even more beautiful.

4. Red dahlias

The dahlia is a very striking flower. The leaves of the flower are sometimes even, sometimes they differ in colour. Every single dahlia flower is different. The red dahlia is very popular near the end of the year. They are used a lot in autumn bouquets.

5. Red anthurium

An exotic beauty like red anthurium you will recognize immediately. The heart shaped flower and spike that sticks out the flower makes it a very unique flower. Anthurium is one the flowers that lasts the longest out of all cut flowers, so this means you can keep it long after Dress Red Day as well.

Red flowers from Finnflor

These five flowers, which are perfect to complete Dress Red Day, are also available in our webshop. You can always contact us if you need help in any way.

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