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This is how you take the perfect photo of flowers

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The most popular social media platform of this moment is definitely Instagram. We enjoy looking at all of the photos of beautiful flowers and post them all the time as well. But how do you take the perfect photo of flowers? Finnflor has listed five tips, which will definitely help you.

1. Lights, camera, action!

Having great lighting is probably one of the most important elements when taking a photo. A bouquet of flowers is filled with different colours and structures, which will look best in daylight. It’s always fun to play with shadows, photographing with softer lighting is a lot easier. For example, when you’re inside, close your curtains a little bit to get the best result.

2. The rule of three

The golden rule for the best composition is the rule of three. Make sure the bouquet of flowers is placed next to two other objects. Preferably in two different heights. This gives the photo you’re about to take dynamic feeling. Add a small table, maybe some candles or another (smaller) vase with some flowers.

3. Be creative

Be as creative as you like! Use different objects to go with your bouquet, go outside or just hold one specific flower and take a photo of all the details you’re seeing. Flowers like roses, gerbera and ranunculus have a lot of structure and different shapes, which make it interesting to look at (and photograph of course).

4. Editing

It’s always fun to edit photos. Since flowers don’t need much editing, keep to these simple steps of editing:

  • Brightness: Aren’t you completely satisfied with the lighting of your photo? Just adjust the brightness a little.
  • Contrast: When you adjust the brightness of the photo, it could take some ‘shine’ of your photo away. That’s when you can adjust the contrast. This will make the colours in your photos look more ‘out there’.
  • Saturation: Want to make the colour of the flowers pop even more? Put the saturation of the photo a little higher and this will already make a big difference.

5. Ready to post

When you’re done taking the photos of the flowers and are happy with the end result, it’s time to post them! Instagram is the perfect place to share some stunning photos of your bouquet of flowers. Use hashtags like #flowergram or #finnflor so we can see them. You can also display the photos you’ve taken in your flower shop to give your customers some flower inspiration.

Instagram worthy flowers from Finnflor

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Source: Bloomon

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