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Tropical temperatures, tropical flowers

Tropical Temperatures, Tropical Flowers

Oh, Summer is upon us! The temperature is rising and so is everyone’s mood. What better way to celebrate summer with an amazing bouquet of tropical flowers to brighten up your room and bring some tropical vibes in your life. Swing around the table with a pina colada while listening to salsa or swaying in your hammock. But which ones to pick?


This amazing flower is not like any other flower you have seen. Its bright pink petals with a golden rim are sure to lift your mood. In a tropical kind of way!


Yes, the lily is a flower we have seen before, but combine it with palm leaves and other tropical flowers and wow, what a result. The lily is known for its colors and its big star shaped bloom. And it is a cousin of the gloriosa.


The protea is an interesting flower. Not dainty and frail but sturdy and colorful. It doesn’t need much around it so be careful with placing this South African beauty.


Bird of paradise in orange and purple, this flower is a nice way to bring a different shape to your arrangement.


This tropical flower comes in many different colors and is symbol of the tropics. When you picture a Hawaiian girl, you picture her with a hibiscus flower behind her ear.


Although this small flower is difficult to come by in Europe, it is sure to make an impact. Its delicate scent invokes swaying palm trees and white sandy beaches.

What kind of bouquet will you create with these wonderful flowers? Share it on our Facebook page!

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