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Tulip my beauty, where art thou

Oh January, herald of early spring with the crocus and snowdrops and of course, the tulips! The most Dutch flower which isn’t actually Dutch but Turkish. Or Iranian, or Afghan, depending on how you look at it. It is named after the Tulipan, which means turban in Turkish because it was the flower of Sultans. Sultans wore this flower in their Turban.

Always happy

This happy flower comes in many many different shades and shapes. From white to yellow to red to pink and black. And everything in between of course! There are tulips with one petal or multiple, with fringe or without, shaped like a peony or wild and long-stemmed ones such as the French tulips. Which one do you want to order? Let us know!


A long time ago, in the 16th century, giving someone a tulip meant giving someone extreme luxury. It was the same price as a house in Amsterdam. But nowadays they can mean more than just money. Red ones are eternal love and black ones say: I love you so much I would sacrifice everything for you. Be careful who you give them to!


The tulip needs a little frost to grow, so they grow best in colder climates or mountainous areas. They originate from the mountain ranges from Turkey to Iran, but do well in The Netherlands because of the climate.

Are you ready for tulip season? Order your preferred colours and shapes through Finnflor today!

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