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Wedding flowers trends of 2018

Wedding season is upon us! You have probably done a million arrangements for weddings already and you know what the favourites are with the brides and grooms. But do you know the trends for this wedding season? Will you be able to give fashion-forward advice?

Bye bye crown!

The flower crown is still a favourite among a lot of brides, but little do they know that de flower tiara is actually a lot handier and hipper. Or flower jewellery in general. Flower crowns have been around for the last few years now, and people are looking for the next best thing. So, invest in making flower cuffs, flower chokers and flower necklaces. Create your statement jewellery and your bride will be ready for 2018!

Bolder colours

Bolder colours are the way to go in 2018. Trends go in waves, and this one is making a comeback, as last year was all about pastels. Goodbye blush, hello moody blues and sunshine yellows!

Bye bye centrepiece

Brides are opting more and more to ditch the flower centrepieces for one big arrangement in the room of the reception and ceremony. This will also work as a fabulous photo backdrop.


No longer old-fashioned, these beautiful flowers will have their moment in 2018. They come in many shapes and colours, so they are just perfect as either an accent in the bouquet or as a statement. Or just create one amazing bouquet full of dahlia’s in one colour. Which brings us to the next trend: Monochrome

Monochrome bouquets

Or just go for a bouquet in one clashing colour to oppose the rest of the wedding palette. The bride is sure to make an entrance people will remember!

Are you ready to go for wedding season? Check your stocks and wish list so we can bring you the right flowers at the right time! Contact us to make sure you have everything!

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